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Tuesday, February 7

Indopreter | Translator Software

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Indopreter is a software translator english to Indonesia and vice versa, this software ismade ​​by Indonesian children (he said, well sorry if wrong) so it certainly made ​​peopleunderstand themselves better and more deeply understand the language we use language that is often not. haha software ekky a recommendation to the admin again to the difficulty of learning English and of course for those of you who want to pick this software and use it.
Indopreter translate English to Indonesia and vice versa in text mode, html, and MS-Excel.
Source of data in the form of HTML mode HTML format, which can be obtained from:
html files on local drives
html files on the internet (only on IndopreterPro)
chm file format conversion to html format is done automatically by Indopreter
pdf format file conversion to html formal performed automatically by Indopreter
Text mode is a data source rtf format, which can be obtained from:
Direct typing or "copy / paste" in the "Source Text Editor"
standard text file
standard file rtf (rich text format)
format conversion of ms-word-doc to rtf format is done automatically by Indopreter
with a note:
ms-word application must already be available on the target computer
file does not contain the image files are large and contain no OLE (object linkingembedded).

Mode Excel data source is a xls format, which can be obtained from:
typing directly on the worksheet provided
file to excel file format
csv file with the file format (comma separated value)

Indopreter have an amazing speed of the process with artificial intelligence capabilitiesand a customizable dictionary, the things that make Indopreter into a device that is veryinteresting not only to be used, but also to be studied and developed.

With the opening of the mindset of this software and content development of manydictionaries, translation rules are expected to grow and the more accurate translation.

Input formats doc, rtf, txt, pdf, chm, html, xls, csv
Output format rtf, txt, pdf, html, xls

Link download:
Translator - (11MB)

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