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Saturday, January 28

NetCut 3.0 Compatible Windows 7 With Patch Full Version

Netcut 3.0 Compatible Windows 7 + Patch - Download Netcut For Windows 7 - Netcut New Version - How to Use Netcut - How to Wear Netcut - Netcut Trick Tips - How to Turn offother people connected via LAN / Hotspot - Network Appliance Software Lan / Hotspot -Netcut 3.0 Compatible With Windows 7 Patch Full Version
Netcut 3.0 Patch Compatible With Windows 7 Full Version Download - Is a softwaredisconnect network connections, with this software you can disconnect the notebookcomputer or other person within one network or Lan Hotspot.
How to wear netcut was fairly easy because this software has an interface friendly to the layman like me hehe. 
English Review:
Netcut is a software used to hack wifi or lan then Will be Their connection is disconnectedautomatically, usually the software is used to steal others bandwidth thus our connectionESPECIALLY Will be faster if All We cut all hotspot users.
Use the program netcut 3.0, with this program We can stop someone else's hotspot, theworkings of this program is to detect all of these programs in the area hostspot hotspotusers, and then after detect the user, the program Will Appear on IP users in the hotspothotspot you are using, after That if you want to Dismiss other users, click the person's IP,then click the cut-off, if you want us to be faster browsing, cut-off was all hotspot users, but not to cut off your IP and server IP, if you do it then you can not browse Because your IPWill be blocked by the program netcut 3.0 That you run yourself, or IP your server will frombe disconnected. in theory the less penguna internet / hotspot, the faster the Internet ThatWe use. you may also be interested in the anti netcut.
How do I use netcut?
Well if you are still confused about how to use it, let me explain briefly here:
1. when you're online in a network of hotspots / Lan, Open netcut
2. After that will appear as shown above
3. There is a writing / menu cut off, resume, find, scan the net.
4. If the user's IP HotSpot / Lan yet try to appear on the first scan
5. After the list of IP addresses of network users Lan / Hotspot (left column) you just choose an IP that would in the cut connections (Note: Do not Ngcut own IP / IP Gateway)click cut-off
6. Wait a few minutes and look at the faces of people who are confused on around you, ifyou see it most likely he owned the IP address that you cut off just now.
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