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Tuesday, March 13

Flashdisk Defender free

Flash Defender Tool Virus Busters small USB stick - a handy little tool that works to prevents the spread of the virus through the media, especially USB stick. The program is very minor and does not require many resources and so will not interfere with the performance of our PC. Oh yes just stick defender to prevent the spread of existing viruses and remove the flash media, this tool can not be used to remove the virus on the computer.

A. Autorun.inf Cleaner
Autorun.inf virus is one of the launcher is quite dangerous, because this file using virus can be activated automatically once plugged and will direct flashdsik menginfkesi computer without your the presence of viruses that exploit this feature Autorun.inf will be cleaned immediately, so that your computer protected from attack luncher this autorun.inf virus.

2. Cleaner Recycler
The viruses that nested in the flash usually hide in this folder, because it resembles the name of the Recycle Bin folder, the virus can trick the user who will think it is the Recycle Bin folder, then the virus will remain safe bersembunnyi in the Recycler folder. With the "Recycler Cleaner" this Recycler folder will automatically be cleaned, so the virus is hiding will also be cleaned

3. Shortcut Cleaner
Shortcut is now a very dangerous virus launcher, as most viruses now use this shortcut to spread themselves, especially with the shortcut exploit, virus can be active without user's knowledge simply by opening the contents of the flash, in the presence of this feature shortcut attacks can be prevented by rapid virus , so that virus infection can be minimized in order to maintain your computer from viruses infkesi.

4. Hidden Cleaner
Your data whether it is a folder or file that has been hidden by the virus in flash with this feature all of your data will be restored as before, so NGK klo not panic you think the file has been deleted by a virus, just hidden SYP tau aja, this feature which will restore all your data that has been hidden by virus 

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