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Saturday, February 11

Windows 7 Royale XP Service Pack 3 Full Activation

Windows 7 Royale XP Service Pack 3 Full Activation [Tested] - Windows is Windows XPSP 3 with a sense of windows 7. Just a few minutes ago I tried this after the previousOperating System I am using Windows XP SP 3 Original in my favorite notebook one of them. For these windows do not require a serial, crack and all that because automaticallywhen installing the series has been filled, you simply need to click next and next and next.

Microsoft Windows Xp Seven Royale SP3 2010 MOD By SVNN Team

Mod by SoftVnn Team
Windows Xp Sevice Pack 3 x86 (32 bit).
SATA Support: Yes.
RAID Support: Yes.
SCSI Support: Yes.
Automatically receive drivers: Yes (SkyDriver v9.9.).
Internet Explorer 8: Yes
Windows Media Player 11: Yes
Hotfixes: Yes (updated to 05/2010)
Online Update: Yes.
CD Key: Already available add.
File Photo: File ISO standard.
File Download: .001.

- Processor:: Intel Celeron 2.0 Ghz (or higher)
- Memory: 256 MB (or higher)
- Video Card: 64 MB (or higher)
- Hard drive: 4GB of space (or higher)

- Processor: Intel Pentium4 1.4 Ghz
- Memory: 512 MB
- Video Card: 128 MB (removable card is better)
- Hard drive: 10GB space

Link download
Password IDWS:
Password WinRar: carlos_roy_fajarta@idws

a. download each part
b. taro any part in the same folder
c. rename the original name (alert here, do not get confused when there are parts to rename)
d. delete the extension. zip at the back (by default every part has an extension like this, eg:windows xp sp3.rar.001.rar) - to see the rear extension, select the folder options inwindows window, select the view, not the check box that his "hidden extensions for knownfile types"
e. removed after each extension. rar in masing2 part, which was shaped icon file winraricon turns into a white paper icon (gpp, it is the way anyway, so normal)
f. join with HJSplit, do I simply insert them! part 1
g. already completed in a join, then get out of the files in the form of a combined total of the white paper icon part2 already in the join, and feature sets it apart is its larger size
h. dalemanya with winrar extract the contents, when prompted for a password, type (not inCopas) manually
i. if there is a message when the lawyer-extracted wrong password, it means that theprocess c (when rename each part, you have a ketuker), extracts of which appeared as ifbad sectors, use the record function in winrar recovery, because each of windows xprecovery features in this thread record 10%
j. burn using burner software is right (take the lowest speed the process of burning a CD)
k. process is managed correctly, then the windows installer is ready to use as the initialbios to boot from a computer / laptop is turned on


  1. what is the password for the file unlock